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tv   Conservatism and Foreign Policy  CSPAN  March 4, 2016 3:52am-4:23am EST

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>> they go up to san francisco, which is where a lot of the german immigrants are located. they're able to -- i find it shocking -- they are able to convince 50 people, of who nobody was a farmer, and only one person had any background in winemaking, to give up their businesses and come to anaheim. after they action formed what was known as the los angeles vineyard society was to hire george hansen to be the superintendent. his job was to bring irrigation here, layout the town sites, and plant hundreds of thousands of great plains before families would come down. >> watch the c-span cities tour, saturday at noon eastern on c-span2's book tv. sunday afternoon at 2:00, on c-span3.
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workingan cities tour: with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. >> now, more from day one of the conservative political action conference. we will hear from senator joni ernst, house speaker paul ryan, senator tim scott, and nra president wayne look here. but first, scott walker, who talks about republican gains in local and state political offices. thi part of the conferences is about two hours. >> [pink's "so what" plays] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome wisconsin governor scott walker.
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[nirvana's "sandman" plays] ♪ >> hi, hi. warning. morning. hi. good morning. let me hear you -- good morning. there we go. thehould all remember that federal government did not create the states. the states created the federal government. >> [cheering] >> these were the words spoken by our 40th president, just after he took the of office some 35 years ago. ronald reagan's right. intended for the federal government to have a limited role.
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decisionsded that the of government should be overwhelmingly made at the state and local level, closest to the people. for those of you who will be discussing it over the next several days what is happening across the country, some of you might be confused, and dare i say upset, about what has happened in the presidential election, but i was offer you some enthusiasm today. tell you no matter what is happening there, the conservative movement is alive and well in states all across america. [laughter] [applause] >> in fact, meant that it's
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election last fall is a prime example of how far conservatives have come over the past seven years. before his election last november, there were only two elections in the commonwealth of kentucky's is world war ii. one of 31t is republican governors in office all across this great country. [applause] >> we need to protect some of our great conservative governors, like cap aquarian north carolina, and after we elect our conservatives, we can help grow the numbers by expanding with opportunities in places like west virginia and missouri. we have a real shot in new hampshire, and even in montana, but get this -- we have an opportunity to elect republican
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governor in the home state of bernie sanders. [laughter] >> that's right. [applause] where just about everybody looks like a conservative compared to bernie, right? but the reason we see that kind of change is because americans are looking for leadership to counter the failed policies of barack obama. 2009, talk about great recruitment -- it's the only nice thing i can say about this president. he has been an incredible recruiter for conservative candidates since 2009, there have been almost 1000 new republicans elected in the state legislatures all across this country. that's a remarkable turnaround. [applause] when the president first took office, there were 27 state legislatures that were controlled entirely by democrats and eight that were split. today, there are just 11 controlled by democrats and eight that are split.
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why? because our policies are working. across the country, in indiana, mike pence, the lowest unemployment rate since march of 2011 and one of the largest voucher programs in the entire country. in north carolina, pat mccrory, they have a state where they not only have a surplus, but a surplus on top of the fact that he had to pay down a $2.5 billion debt owed to the federal government that he inherited from his predecessor because of payments for unemployment insurance. you look elsewhere -- in new mexico, susana martinez has cut in half the business on the employers in that state. you look in south carolina. because of nikki haley's policies, there are nearly 30,000 people who were once on welfare who are now working. [applause] in tennessee, with bill haslam and the legislature, they
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have cut taxes twice as much in five years as anyone had in eight years before that. there is a real change in their. and festival, right here in maryland -- and best of all, right here in maryland, because a larry hogan, you now have state budget that was adopted for the first time in nine years, that does not include one single tax increase, or an o'malley. not one. and what that shows is that with each of those examples, it shows us that good, solid policy is good politics. a couple years ago before the 2014 elections, the aflcio nationally transferred $300 million from their federal accounts into the states, in states like florida and michigan and wisconsin. they went after the governors in those states. and you know what? we won.
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wwe won every one of those elections. [applause] in fact, we not only won in those three states, 16 members of the class of 2010 were reelected. i like to tell my friend paul ryan that for he and others in the conference, they owe their majorities to us in the states because we sucked up all the nion money in america. i'm only half joking, by the way. but in my state it made a tremendous difference. in wisconsin we won an election that people said we couldn't win. and then we with won again in 2012 and 14 and thanks by the way because many of you here recall in that election in 2012. [applause]
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then we kids something unusual in politics. we actually did it. we implemented. and guess what, it works. just last week the u.s. department of labor put out a report that showed there are just 10 states in america that have a better unemployment rate -- meaning a lower rate last year than those states did before the recession in 2007. i am proud to say that my state wisconsin is one of those ten. [cheers and applause] in fact, our unemployment rate
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in the last couple of months it's the lowe it's been in 15 years. that may not sound like a long time ago but like a lot of students here my sons are in college. the last time the unemployment rate was that low in my state they were 5 and 6 years old. and it's not just unemployment down. you've been following it. it's creept down a little but one of the biggest challenge is our labor force participation rate, the percentage of people in the workforce, is still hovering just over 62% nationally. that's about where it was in the 70s. in wisconsin i'm proud to say that we have over two thirds of our people working -- 68% of the population is working even though we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in a decade and a half. that's real progress. [applause] in fact, despite what some in the media say in my home state
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i love to point out that last year we had one of the largest numbers of actual people working in our state that we've had in nearly our entire history. so what it shows is that reforms, conservative, positive reforms, actually work. but how did we do it? simply like other states are doing. we got government out of the way. property and income taxes today are actually lower. not lower rates but actually lower on a median valued home on property and lowered for an average taxpayer. lower today than in 2010 before we took office. reend in out-of-control rathes, we strengthened our programs in our colleges. we froze tuition. for four years in a row. i love all this talk nationally about refinancing student low debt. how about just make it lower cost in the first place so we don't ackire so much debt?
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-- acquire so much debt? i think for some in washington that would just be too logical but we did all those things and it helped grow the economy. but we did more than that. in our state, a blow state like other blue states across this country we actually made wisconsin the 25th state in the country where we give workers the freedom to choose through right to work. in our state, a blue state, we defunded planned parenthood once and for all. in our state, a blue state, we passed consealed carey and doctrine to protect the second amendment rights of our citizens. and i'm proud to say that we now require a photo i.d. to ote in the state of wisconsin.
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so you look at all those things. and it reminds me, though, that good policy is good politics. because we won those elections and we're going to continue to win elections like that. and it is not just in wisconsin but we see positive reforms all across this great country. but i just want to remind you that no matter what you think about what is happening in the presidential election, you can't give up. we need your help in the states. we're depending on you at the state and local level. it's what our american revival is all about. we're trying to make america back one state one community one person at a time. that's why we need your help more than ever. this fall in at least five states we have the opportunity to elect republican governors in states that currently have democrats today. that alone is worth a tremendous difference out there. but we need people at the grassroots knocking on doors making phone calls reaching out and sharing that message.
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an optimistic positive message for our countries and states and communities. that's what we stand for. not just about winning elections. governors and conservative lawmakers are pushing positive reforms all across this great country. and we're not just winning elections. we're making a difference. cutting taxes, defunding planned parenthood, passing major welfare reform education reform right to work school choice protecting religious liberties. none of those things are happening today up in our nation's capital but they're happening in state capitals all cross america. they're happening because our ideas work if given a chance. even in blue states like wisconsin. they're happening because conservative ideas work. think about it. i was just on campus a couple weeks ago at the university of
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wisconsin where -- there you go. my youngest son. which is why i particularly like tuition freeze. i was there on campus. ok, it's a little like berkeley. we always call it a sea of sanity surrounds madison because it's been so liberal for so long. but there were hundreds and hundreds of college students at the college republican meeting. not just because we froze tuition. but i think because young voters in particular are yearning for a difference, for a positive difference between what barack obama and others have offered us here in our nation's capital and so many others in the past like them have aured in our states and cities across america. i think there is a clear difference as i explained to the students then and i will end with here today. you see, liberals believe in a top-down approach. they think that washington knows best. they believe in a top-down approach that tells you what to
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do erks when to do it, and how to do it. as conservatives we believe in just the opposite. we believe you build the economy and the society from the ground up in a way that's new and fresh organic and dynamic. we believe that as long as you don't hurt the health and safety of your neighbor, you should be able to go out and start your own career, build your own business, live your own life. they -- they believe in the government. we believe in the individual. we believe in you. [applause] and that's really what's at stake. not just in the presidential election. not just in the house and the senate. but in states and communities all across this great country. we are making a difference. we are connecting a dots. we are showing people all across this country what it means to have a positive
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conservative plan to take back our states, to take back our communities, and take back our country. today i would implore upon each and every one of you. you're here because you care. but go back home and carry that message. some people would say sharing a message like this is a little like preaching to the choir. well, my dad, long-time retired, but my dad was a past nr a small town in south-central wisconsin. he told me the story, another pastor friend of his, preacher, you're preaching to the choir. he said well i preach to the choir because i want the choir to sing. right? so today i would leave you with this. i'm preaching to the choir because you know that positive, common-sense conservative reforms work on economic policy, they work on fiscal policy, they work on social policy. but we can't be satisfied just sharing that message in safe
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confines like this here today. we can't just do it back at meetings of this group or that group or the party or other places like that. we have to go out and go back home, we have to share it in our states, in our communities, in our homes, at work, at school, at play, wherever it might be. we can't be a afraid to share that message. but as ronald reagan once said, we need to be happy warriors. we need to share that message in a way that says this is what we're for. and here are the examples all across america where it is working. don't be afraid to share that message. i'm convinced that if we sing -- if we sing and share that message all across this great country we will take america back one state, one community, one vote at a time. with your help that's exactly what we're going to do. go forth and sing. god bless you. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, from the state of iowa, please welcome senator joanie ernst. thank you so much. please be seated. god bless you all. good morning. how's it going today? outstanding.
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good morning, everyone. my name is joanie ernst and i have the great honor of serving the people of iowa in the united states senate. thank you. my iowans. thank you very much. i have also had the privilege of serving all of you for the past 23 years in the iowa army national guard and the army reserve. cheers and applause] thank you. it's wonderful to be with you today. thanks to all of you who have traveled near and faur to come to this event and join us. there's so many important speeches, panels, and discussions that will take course over the next few days. and you are an important part of that. your voice is very important to us right now.
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so thank you so much for being here. i grew up on a farm in a small town in southwest iowa. and my parents instilled in my brother, my sister, and in me the importance of hard work, of service, and of sacrifice. we worked hard for what we had. and when our day was done, we helped our neighbors, those that needed an extra hand. because that's what iowans do. and that's not unique to just iowa. that's what americans do. we help when others call us. [applause] so many americans across this great nation work tirelessly day in and day out to help grow
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a vibrant economy so their kids and grand kids can help more opportunities. and so many courageous men and women fight to ensure the united states remains a strong and stabilizing sfors radio f around the globe. amen. in fact, if i could just take a brief moment to ask any veterans in the room to please stand or raise your hand if you can't stand, and i'm going to ask everyone else to honor these veterans. cheers and applause] god bless you off god bless you all. unfortunately, as many of you know, our nation's ability to
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lead is in jeopardy. i hear from folks constantly who are concerned about what's going on overseas. and rightfully so. the reality is we have significant issues right now that are not being addressed. when i listen to our allies around the world, they express their concern that america is no longer leading. the question i have heard time and time again is where is america's leadership? where is it? they see us shrinking from our place in the world. and failing to address growing threats. they are looking for an american leader that is willing to stand up and say enough is enough. why are they crying out for
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leadership? why are we crying out for leadership? because more and more we see threats to our homeland. threats that have been magnified by the failure of this administration to stand tall, recognize the threats that are facing us, and to estroy isis. at the san bernardino attack proved, this is not just some jumplet v. force in the middle east. isis is present in all 50 states. according to the f.b.i. think about that for a moment. 50 very single one of our states, it is so very alarming yet i know that we can and must
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do better. how? well, we must first answer that lingering question. where is american leadership? we've all got to come together, rise up, and find the type of conservative leadership that will confront the very real and dangerous threat america faces in today's world. the reality is the world is in turmoil. unfortunately, president obama does not seem to want to face that fact. it's easier to ignore the problem than to face it head on. and let me give you a quick example. russia. russia is taking advantage of our lack of leadership in europe and the middle east right now. er the past 7 years, the
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obama-clinton foreign policy strategy has been to give ground to vladmir putin from ukraine to syria. that's right. to retreat from making tough choices and the defense of american interests, and our national security. even when there's a cessation of hostilities in syria, russia is allowed to continue with its bombing. how do they get away with this? no leadership. so russia continues to barrel bomb not only the innocent syrian population, but also those moderate syrian rebels that the united states has been backing and have been fighting
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against the bash shar alassad regime. in other words, the u.s. is allowing russia to bomb the people that we have been funding and arming that are actually fighting for what we want. it doesn't make sense, folks. and we must change course. we must. there are a number of threats out there. we have terrorism in the form of isis and other radicalized groups. we have vladmir putin who continues to exude undue influence in syria, in iraq, and of course now throughout europe. we have north korea, an unpredictable enemy. and who knows what they are going to do next? and we have many other adversaries and challenges looking right at us in this new
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21st century world. all this to say i know there is a better way forward. we need a commander-in-chief who will stand up and destroy isis. we need a commander-in-chief who will put america back in a position of leadership and trength. we need a commander in chief who will help our allies and protect our national security. and the great news is we have that opportunity this year in 2016. we need to make it happen. we have extraordinary republican candidates across
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the board who are articulating their vision to get our country growing again and to ensure america remains a strong, stabilizing force around the globe. we can not afford to have a president or those who would serve in his administration whose wayward policies in the middle east have led to the strengthening of terrorists. isis continues to grow and expand while the president fails to put forward a comprehensive strategy to destroy them. now is the time to stand up and make our voices heard. each one of you, every single one of you here today has an important role to play. we all have this opportunity this year.
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i hope you will join me and ensure that we take this opportunity in 2016 to nominate a strong conservative leader who will defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders. cheers and applause] right. right. this is our time to stand up and fight for the security of our children and our grandchildren. this is the time to stand up not only for our country but to help our allies and illustrate our nation's true strength and leadership for other countries as well. thank you. thank you. thank you. from the bottom of my heart. thank you. and god bless all of you and god bless these great united states of america.


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